Swampscott TV - Public Access
Get involved in member led productions or create your own with your local public access station at Swampscott TV!
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Watch Swampscott TV's student filmed sports games live or on demand on YouTube or on our video on demand site
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Where can I watch Swampscott TV?

Public Access

Watch Swampscott’s latest Public Access Programming as well as local content made by the Swampscott Community.

Government Access

Watch the latest meetings of Swampscott’s boards and committees as well as town wide events.

Educational Access

Watch Swampscott High School events as well as the Swampscott School Committee.


Watch all LIVE Swampscott TV content and most of our video library accross our YouTube channels.

Public Access

LIVE NOW: Verizon Channel 2141

Swampscott TV offers community members the opportunity to work with staff, volunteers, and High School students in the TV program to create programming for Swampscott Public Access TV. This content will be broadcast to various distribution platforms including the Public TV Channel and YouTube.

Swampscott TV wants to hear your ideas!

Government Access

LIVE NOW: Comcast Channel 22 - Verizon Channel 41

Swampscott TV broadcasts the meetings of the Town of Swampscott’s regulatory boards and committees, in addition various town sponsored events are covered. The content produced for Government Access TV is available on our cable channel as well as on YouTube.

Educational Access

LIVE NOW: Comcast Channel 8 - Verizon Channel 40

Swampscott TV’s Educational Access livestreams meetings of the School Committee and related committees on YouTube at Swampscott Public Schools and the cable channel. This channel also features student productions from Swampscott High School’s TV Program in addition to High School Sports.

Swampscott Public Schools

YouTube Video Library

The TV Program at Swampscott High School offers multiple elective classes of different focus and